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Remodeling a Bathroom on a Budget

After having seen a few examples of remodeled bathrooms, you may already have begun to create a picture in your mind, of how you would like your bathroom to be remodeled.

We’ve already mentioned a few ways to save on initial costs during a project like this. The software programs will eliminate costs that you would have incurred on a bathroom planner or an interior designer. Because you can purchase your fixtures online after having chosen from the selection available with these programs, you will be saving fuel and time, that you would have spent trying to find the perfect fixtures at the perfect prices.

We recommend that you use freestanding features whenever you can, which saves you costs that you would otherwise incur with a contractor. That being said, we are ready to do any elements of the project that you feel are beyond your skills.

We also emphasized the importance of ensuring that your calculations for your measurements in your bathroom are 100% accurate, which will prevent you from purchasing fixtures and features that are too big or too small, and you may not be able to return or replace.

Where and How to Spend Your Money

Only spend money when you need to. If you have a lavish budget, these tips may not apply to you as much as they may to others. One thing we do want to emphasize at this point is the importance of only spending money if you have to spend it.

To what extent do you want to go to remodel your bathroom? Your project may be a wonderful one to think about, and to see your bathroom dressed up in its new attire on one of the software programs available, may make you feel as though; ‘if your bathroom looked this way, the value of your home would increase dramatically’. Yes, it would, but what’s the use of undertaking a project like this if you can’t afford it. You would actually run the risk of losing your home even as it stands now.

Where you can pay cash for services and products, do so. If you have a friendly and helpful family relative that can help you financially by loaning you the money without interest, ask them for help.

Remember, every time you purchase something on credit, not only are you now under legal obligation to pay back that amount within a specified time limit, you are expected to pay interest on top of your initial costs.

A ‘cash only’ policy is a great policy to have. If you don’t have the cash now, what makes you think you’ll have it in the near future? Remember, you are usually only given so many months to pay back your loan; if you don’t foresee a windfall in your immediate future; the chances are that your financial position will remain the same for quite some time.

Ensuring That Your Fixtures and Features are Guaranteed

Whenever you hire a remodeling firm, purchase any hardware or fixture, in fact whenever you purchase anything for your bathroom, make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the warranty or guarantee well, before you hand over your money. An enthusiastic sales representative may tell you that the product is guaranteed, and we take their word for it, only to discover a month later that the product breaks, but the sales rep that sold it to us was fired, and our product wasn’t guaranteed!

A guarantee or a warranty, like a limited lifetime warranty, ensures that if the product you purchase breaks or malfunctions with in a certain time frame, you will be able to either have the product replaced, or you will be able to receive your money back. Money back guarantees are great; however, be sure to read the small print, because there are usually hidden terms involved.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our bathroom remodeling series and please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

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